Hello there 👋, my name is
Abdur-Rahman Fashola.

I'm a Full-Stack Developer specializing in building and designing quality softwares and exceptional user experiences.

My Work


📱 Remix PWA

A lightweight, standalone package to integrate full PWA features into Remix 💿. Allows for custom caching, offline support, and much more.


Nighty Night 🌙

A minimal, dark bluish-black theme for VS Code, with calming colors and high contrast, it is a 👍. Available on Visual Studio Marketplace.


👨‍💻 CodePlay

A simple, yet powerful, code playground for learning and practicing basic Web Development languages.

About Me

Hello! My name is Abdur-Rahman and I enjoy creating things that live on the internet. I started my programming journey by attending a WordPress-hosted event and after one thing that led to the other, eventually landed in the world of web development. I love learning new technologies and often amazed by the progress we humans have made so far in this amazing field.

Get in Touch

Wanna get in touch? Have a question, or an offer, or you just feel like saying hi, send me an email and let's connect! 😄